The UK is open for business, from London, a global centre of maritime services, to our many regional clusters that provide a broad range of maritime services and expertise.

Image of London financial district at night

In 2023, and for the forth year in a row, London maintained a leading position in the Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Centre Development Index Report. London is the only European Maritime City in the global top five.

This recognises the UK has:

  • an internationally respected legal framework
  • a highly skilled workforce 
  • a business-friendly time zone 
  • English as its official language, the international language of business
  • good links to the City of London’s financial hub 

All of this ensures that London, and the UK, continues to offer world-class maritime services.

First for Law

London is first in the International Shipping Centre Development Index in the shipping services section, for law, arbitration, financing, insurance and brokerage services.

Technology and Innovation

The UK is also taking a leading role in maritime technology innovation, including creating research and development centres and a regulatory framework for autonomous vessels.

The UK is a global leader in maritime safety and security. We collaborate and build alliances to ensure the security of shipping lanes and ports. 

Maritime Asset Management

For investors looking to access maritime investment opportunities, the UK is headquarters to a number of the relatively few investment and asset management firms that specialise in maritime. These offer a wealth of opportunities for investors looking for real assets which provide diversification and links to the energy transition.

Educational Programmes

With internationally respected universities and academic providers, the UK provides comprehensive educational programmes in various maritime disciplines, including law, research and sea-going roles. 

Training facilities for shore employees and seafarers are conveniently located with easy access to transport hubs and are run by experienced practitioners.

Whether you’re wondering where to base, where to flag, where to find world-leading professional services or where to get help in achieving your zero emission ambitions, the UK is the place to be.