About the UK Shipping Concierge

The UK Shipping Concierge is here to save you time and ensure ship owners and operations have access to the right help and at the right time so your business can thrive in the UK.

The UK Shipping Concierge exists to support maritime businesses looking to work in or with the UK. By connecting businesses with UK government departments, we ensure ship owners and operators get the right help at the right time so their business can thrive. We also develop market insights to support policy decisions to further benefit the UK maritime landscape.

Our main aims are to: 

  1. Promote the UK Maritime Offer from a government perspective, highlighting the benefits of trading in the UK.
  2. Give the UK maritime sector a government centre of expertise, monitoring international competition and recommending adjustments to the UK’s offer.
  3.  Provide strategic account relationships between government department experts, ship owners, operators, managers and maritime sub-sector leaders.
  4. Discover what barriers businesses may face when considering investing in the UK and work to influence policy leads, as appropriate, to build better policy, which stimulates growth and maritime investment.
  5. Create a link between the maritime industry and government 

The UK Shipping Concierge includes data analysts, market insight, commercial, operations and business to business (B2B) management specialists. We aim to support both government and industry and welcome them into the prospering UK maritime sector.