The UK is unmatched in its expertise for ship chartering, insurance, legal and financial services. This makes the UK the first choice for those in international shipping seeking Maritime Professional Business Services (MPBS) of the highest quality.

Companies in the UK have an easy access to leaders in the marine insurance market, ship management, shipbrokers, trading partners and legal expertise. Those who need to recruit in those areas, will have access to a global talent already based in the UK.

What makes the UK the best place for Maritime Professional Business Services?

  • The UK has around a 25% share of the global marine insurance market and employs 6,000 people.
  • The UK has a 70% share of the market in offshore energy.
  • Eight of the 16 Protection and Indemnity Clubs are managed in the UK. 
  • There are over 400 UK-based law firm partners focussed on maritime law, more than twice as many as the nearest competing centre.
  • English law is the global industry standard, and the UK offers legal and judicial expertise on shipping, insurance and international trade matters.  80% of global maritime disputes are arbitrated in London.
  • Seven of the top 20 shipbroking firms have headquarters in London.
  • Lloyds Register is one of the four large global classification societies, which between them class over 70% of the global fleet. 
  • The UK is the third largest location for third- party ship management.
  • It is estimated that the professional maritime services sector employs 10,000 UK consultants who provide vital expertise to support shipping all over the world.

London is home to maritime sector international bodies including:

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